haras d'Etrehamharas d'Etreham

The 1st foals of ALMANZOR have arrived !

They are well balanced, strong and full of class ! Great athleticism and really good walkers !

Yearlings du haras d'etreham

The yearlings preparation began in June. A seasonal staff joined the team as early as June to August or October, during the period of sales. Each person is responsible for three or four yearlings.

The yearlings follow a taylor made preparation thanks to two walkers (one for the colts, one for the fillies), with two round pens and undulating paddock, where walking is done in hand.

maréchal-ferrant au haras d'etreham

As a real dietician, staff shall ensure a balanced diet of the residents.

A resident farrier regularly checks the status of the horses' feet. The intervention, in case of problems, is immediate and ensures the utmost care given to horses.

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