haras d'Etrehamharas d'Etreham

Goliath du Berlais retire to stud

Following his attonishing win in the Prix Ferdinand Dufaure Gr.1, Goliath du Berlais will be offered to breeders from 2020. He has everything to make a hugely successfull stallion !

haras d'etreham

The stallions live in very large boxes (Minimum 20 m2), built in stone, thus providing better insulation. A stallion man is responsible for three stallions to which it bears the most attention.

Each box is monitored daily and bedding change every two days: for example, 800 tons of straw are consumed each year. The 213 boxes are divided into seven units.

haras d'etreham

Four vans of different capacity guarantee the best safety of the horses on the move.

The performance of veterinary equipment and facilities can perform many operations: mini-lab (blood), x-ray and mobile processor, recovery room, padded boxing ... The gynecological and monitoring of young horses and stallions, is done in partnership with the equine clinic of Bayeux, located 10 kms from the stud.

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